Managing Users and Mailboxes in Microsoft 365 (Exchange Admin Center)


Managing users and mailboxes in Outlook 365 through the Exchange Admin Center (EAC) is a crucial task for administrators to ensure smooth communication and efficient workflow within an organization. This guide will walk you through the essential steps to access the admin center, manage user profiles, and update mailbox settings effectively. From editing contact information to delegating access, this comprehensive overview will help you streamline your administrative tasks in Outlook 365, ensuring that your organization’s email system operates seamlessly. Let’s dive in and explore how to navigate and utilize the Exchange Admin Center for optimal user and mailbox management.

Step 1. Sign In To

Sign In and Select Exchange

Step 2. Select “Exchange”

Select Exchange

Step 3. Go to “Mailboxes”

Go to Mailboxes

Step 4. Edit Details

Select User and update details and settings.

Edit Details
Organization Tab Exchange Microsoft 365
Add Delagation
Delagation Select and Save
Mailbox Tab Exhange Office 365
Others tab


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